Quante’s Music Video Release Party of “Pour It Up”

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Well, last Monday I experienced my first music video release party of Quante’s aka “Mr. RandB”  newest hit “Pour It Up.” With a glamorized red carpet and a custom backdrop made for a memorable evening for all. Sponsors ranging from Bikini Nation, Harley Davidson of Savannah, Uhatin? University and South Magazine made the night very special for Quante. For those who don’t know or heard of Quante, he personally one of the most upstanding role model figure I could think in the hip-hop and Rhythm and Blues scene. Quante has proved his leadership through many avenues of life. In 2000, he served a four year stint with the Marines. Shortly after that stint, Quante joined the 3rd infantry division of the Army. Within months, Quante was in Iraq defending our country along with many other brave soldiers. Tragically, like so many soldiers fighting for our country, Quante was hit by a roadside bomb. The only thing he remembers was waking up in a United States hospital, with very little feeling in many parts of his body. The fighter he is, Quante went through two years of rehabilitation and was deemed 80% disabled by the Army, therefore his time with the uniformed services was unfortunately over. However, Quante, who already knew he was blessed with a beautiful, sexy, smooth voice, would use this voice to help him overcome the mental and physical challenges he faced while in rehabilitation. On a fateful day in 2008, Quante saw an ad for a singing contest wit the top prize of $500. To everyone’s surprise but Quante, he took home the prize and won the votes of all six judges. Fast forward a few years, Quante has already received the AnR awards for best R and B voice amongst other notable mentions such as his most recent article published in XXL magazine. If you haven’t heard of Quante or his music, you need to get out more and check him out locally while you can, because in a few years he will be performing in arenas in front of hundreds of thousands of people. You can check his newest video “Pour it Up” here, (in the opening scene he is talking to Lil Boosie from jail) 






Change This World Together Tour – Big City Edition (part 1)

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So Uhatin? and Ulovin? is going to kick off its “Change This World Together Tour” (CTWT) tour in September. The CTWT “Big City Edition” will include 12 major cities throughout the US including cities like Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Chicago and LA including 12 colleges 12 high schools and 12 middle schools. This campaign will stay in each city for a week while reaching to students of each designated college, high school and middle school. At the end of each week there will be a concert held on the college campus where Quante’ aka “Mr. R and B” will be headlining. Each school will be encouraged to participate in writing versus’ for the theme song “Change This World Together.”  Throughout the series of concerts there will also be comedians, as well as a talent show. Some kinks are still being worked out for the CTWT tour so stay tuned for more info coming soon! Also, you can visit the Uhatin? website @ http://www.uhatin.com or http://www.ulovin.com also like us on facebook “Uhatin? The Campaign to Neutralize Haters.”

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Making it popular “NOT TO HATE”

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As the title suggests, making it popular not to hate is a broad concept to be looked at. The campaign I am working on for my internship is by Uhatin? and is called “The Campaign To Neutralize Haters.” Several questions people can ask themselves, when they say, “well what defines a hater?” A hater is someone who often gets jealous of others social statuses, people who bully others in schools to make themselves feel superior to their peers, people who talk behind others back and several other qualities of hate can be analyzed when asking myself, am I a hater? This campaign isn’t here to bring people down who carry these certain “traits of hate” it’s simply a tool to create awareness to these people for them to stop and think, am I adhering to any of these qualities? This factor of creating awareness in schools across the country will be used through the Change this World Together tour coming this year. It will consists of 12 cities, 36 schools and a chance for students to participate with rappers and r&b artists that will be touring with this campaign. Giving students this opportunity brings unity within communities. So next time you ask yourself well am I a hater? You can think about it by asking yourself the question, do I carry a trait of hate? Am I jealous of others? Do I talk behind others back? Do I bully people around to raise my social status among my peers? This isn’t about US its about YOU. Nobody can stop violence in schools unless they as a community WANT a CHANGE. A key message here is to LIFT people UP instead of BRINGING people down. This is the first measure that can be used to stop the hate.

To find out more about this campaign you can visit http://www.uhatin.com or like us on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/uhatin

The Campaign to Neutralize Hate…. Uhatin?

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My name is Justin Jurgensen and I am a senior at Georgia Southern University, with a major in Public Relations. I recently just started an internship with Uhatin? A campaign designed to stop bullying, and all other random acts of violence within the younger generations of youth while focusing mainly on middle school children. This campaign is designed to educate and send out key messages of why bullying leads to violence by creating awareness through college campuses, high schools and middle schools. By creating this awareness within the older generation being college students, they are going to be used as an avenue to pass down the message to high schools who in sequence educate and have an effect on middle school students. The key here is to find the root of bullying within our communities. The approach of which this campaign reaches its awareness out and catches the eye of the public is through the Uhatin? ambassadors. These ambassadors include musicians, celebrities and local community leaders who reach out to each branch and key publics in which bullying is prominent. I will be keeping this blog as not only a journal for myself but for all eyes to read as this campaign continues to grow and to see its progress through communities throughout the world.