The Campaign to Neutralize Hate…. Uhatin?

My name is Justin Jurgensen and I am a senior at Georgia Southern University, with a major in Public Relations. I recently just started an internship with Uhatin? A campaign designed to stop bullying, and all other random acts of violence within the younger generations of youth while focusing mainly on middle school children. This campaign is designed to educate and send out key messages of why bullying leads to violence by creating awareness through college campuses, high schools and middle schools. By creating this awareness within the older generation being college students, they are going to be used as an avenue to pass down the message to high schools who in sequence educate and have an effect on middle school students. The key here is to find the root of bullying within our communities. The approach of which this campaign reaches its awareness out and catches the eye of the public is through the Uhatin? ambassadors. These ambassadors include musicians, celebrities and local community leaders who reach out to each branch and key publics in which bullying is prominent. I will be keeping this blog as not only a journal for myself but for all eyes to read as this campaign continues to grow and to see its progress through communities throughout the world.


~ by Uhatin? breaking down the hate day by day on January 16, 2012.

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