Making it popular “NOT TO HATE”

As the title suggests, making it popular not to hate is a broad concept to be looked at. The campaign I am working on for my internship is by Uhatin? and is called “The Campaign To Neutralize Haters.” Several questions people can ask themselves, when they say, “well what defines a hater?” A hater is someone who often gets jealous of others social statuses, people who bully others in schools to make themselves feel superior to their peers, people who talk behind others back and several other qualities of hate can be analyzed when asking myself, am I a hater? This campaign isn’t here to bring people down who carry these certain “traits of hate” it’s simply a tool to create awareness to these people for them to stop and think, am I adhering to any of these qualities? This factor of creating awareness in schools across the country will be used through the Change this World Together tour coming this year. It will consists of 12 cities, 36 schools and a chance for students to participate with rappers and r&b artists that will be touring with this campaign. Giving students this opportunity brings unity within communities. So next time you ask yourself well am I a hater? You can think about it by asking yourself the question, do I carry a trait of hate? Am I jealous of others? Do I talk behind others back? Do I bully people around to raise my social status among my peers? This isn’t about US its about YOU. Nobody can stop violence in schools unless they as a community WANT a CHANGE. A key message here is to LIFT people UP instead of BRINGING people down. This is the first measure that can be used to stop the hate.

To find out more about this campaign you can visit or like us on facebook,


~ by Uhatin? breaking down the hate day by day on January 25, 2012.

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