Change This World Together Tour – Big City Edition (part 1)

So Uhatin? and Ulovin? is going to kick off its “Change This World Together Tour” (CTWT) tour in September. The CTWT “Big City Edition” will include 12 major cities throughout the US including cities like Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Chicago and LA including 12 colleges 12 high schools and 12 middle schools. This campaign will stay in each city for a week while reaching to students of each designated college, high school and middle school. At the end of each week there will be a concert held on the college campus where Quante’ aka “Mr. R and B” will be headlining. Each school will be encouraged to participate in writing versus’ for the theme song “Change This World Together.” ¬†Throughout the series of concerts there will also be comedians, as well as a talent show. Some kinks are still being worked out for the CTWT tour so stay tuned for more info coming soon! Also, you can visit the Uhatin? website @ or also like us on facebook “Uhatin? The Campaign to Neutralize Haters.”

till next time…


~ by Uhatin? breaking down the hate day by day on February 9, 2012.

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