Quante’s Music Video Release Party of “Pour It Up”

Well, last Monday I experienced my first music video release party of Quante’s aka “Mr. RandB”  newest hit “Pour It Up.” With a glamorized red carpet and a custom backdrop made for a memorable evening for all. Sponsors ranging from Bikini Nation, Harley Davidson of Savannah, Uhatin? University and South Magazine made the night very special for Quante. For those who don’t know or heard of Quante, he personally one of the most upstanding role model figure I could think in the hip-hop and Rhythm and Blues scene. Quante has proved his leadership through many avenues of life. In 2000, he served a four year stint with the Marines. Shortly after that stint, Quante joined the 3rd infantry division of the Army. Within months, Quante was in Iraq defending our country along with many other brave soldiers. Tragically, like so many soldiers fighting for our country, Quante was hit by a roadside bomb. The only thing he remembers was waking up in a United States hospital, with very little feeling in many parts of his body. The fighter he is, Quante went through two years of rehabilitation and was deemed 80% disabled by the Army, therefore his time with the uniformed services was unfortunately over. However, Quante, who already knew he was blessed with a beautiful, sexy, smooth voice, would use this voice to help him overcome the mental and physical challenges he faced while in rehabilitation. On a fateful day in 2008, Quante saw an ad for a singing contest wit the top prize of $500. To everyone’s surprise but Quante, he took home the prize and won the votes of all six judges. Fast forward a few years, Quante has already received the AnR awards for best R and B voice amongst other notable mentions such as his most recent article published in XXL magazine. If you haven’t heard of Quante or his music, you need to get out more and check him out locally while you can, because in a few years he will be performing in arenas in front of hundreds of thousands of people. You can check his newest video “Pour it Up” here, (in the opening scene he is talking to Lil Boosie from jail) 






~ by Uhatin? breaking down the hate day by day on February 22, 2012.

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